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Why the Solar system is stable? What is the nature of normal and anomalous perihelions' motion? How to calculate perihelions motion correctly? How we can enlarge the accuracy of calculation of celestial bodies motion? Where is decision of the "three bodies problem"? About this please read a new article "Aether, the Great Watchmaker"


Tit Lucretius Carus

Giordano Bruno

Nicolaus Copernicus



When somebody "hypothesis non fingo", he takes someone's else. Why Newtonian celestial mechanics is artifact? Why does not solve the problem of three bodies? How we can find the exact position of Lagrange's points in the general case? What is the true nature of gravitation? About those please read a new article "Aethereal Mechanics"

Christiaan Huygens

Johannes Kepler

Rene Des Cartes

Galileo Galilei

Gotfried Leibnitz

Robert Hooke

What is a true cause of solar activity? Why there were glacial epoches? By what reason magnetic storms and flares are caused on Sun? Is it possible to forecast the solar activity on millions of years onward? About this please read the new paper "Real Solar Activity"

Immanuel Kant

Ole Römer

Johann Titius

Johann Bode

James Bradley

M. Lomonosov

Great scientists Kepler and Kant are right as before. Comets are primogenitors of the planets and stars. Just now the acknowlegement of Olbers's hypothesis is received. 4650 million years ago Solar system was met with planetary system Phaeton. Our Sun was a white dwarves that epoch, and Moon was 5-th planet of Sun. About this, please read a new article "Origin of the Sun and Planets"


George LeSage

D. Bernoulli

H. Cavendish

H. W. Olbers

Leonhard Euler

The most latest physical discoveries: the temperature in centre of Sun is 100 times less than prescribed in textbooks! Under the action of hyperhigh pressures not only diamond, but also neutrons are formed! Volcanism and solar energy are the energy of aether! Our Sun is pregnant! The substance has not 3 phase states, but 6! About that please read a new paper "The Structure of Celestial Bodies"

Thomas Young

Aug.-J. Fresnel

Carl F.Gauss

Nicola L Carnot

F. W. Bessel

Pierre Laplace

What is the biggest joint mistake made by astrophysicists and nuclear physicists? What is the real source of stellar energy? Why the stellar light is eternal? What is the direction of stellar evolution? What causes stars to explode? What cosmic doomsday mines will kill all living on our planet? About this, please, read the new article "Aethereal Energy"

J. Rudolf Wolf

Armand Fizeau

Michel Faraday

Benoit Clapeyron

Rudolf Clausius

J.C. Maxwell

Why in the heaven of Mercury, Venus and Moon the Earth looks like Bethlehem Star, standing at one and the same place? Why are galaxies flat? What is the real nature of the Titius - Bode Rule? Where does an ethereal wind blow? How and Who creates the planetary systems? About this, please, read an article "Aethereal Wind"

J. J. Thomson

The Lord Kelvin

Hermann Helmholtz

Dmitry Mendeleev

Nikolay Umov

L. Boltzmann

Who said that optical physicists are rascals? What are light quanta? Why does a photon not interfere with itself? What is "entanglement" and "teleportation"? These problems considered in the article "The Nature of Light"

F. Bredikhin

Pyotr Lebedev

Heinrich Hertz

Alexander Popov

Alexander Stoletov

Carl Bjerknes

What is electricity? Why is Dirac's monopole a figment of imagination? What is the electric charge: an object or a process? How do electric and magnetic fields appear? See the new article "The Nature of Electricity"

Max Planck

Oliver Heaviside

H. Lorentz

Walter Ritz

Nikola Tesla

Henri Poincare

What is inertia? Why relativistic masses and Dirac's equation are artifacts? How does gravitation work? Can we calculate Newton's gravitational constant? About that please read a new article "The Origin of Masses"

Vilhelm Bjerknes

Walter Nernst

Meghnad Saha


Philipp Lenard

Erich Regener

In what manner were Bohr, Fermi, Dirac and Schrödinger wrong? Can we make gold by the use of an electric current? Is it possible to violate Ohm's Law? Can bands of energy free electrons over forbidden zone? Why a conduction band is unlawful? How we can find new superconductors? About these questions please read the new article "Aethereal Theory of Conduction"

E. Hertzsprung

Henry Russel

D. Miller

Lars Onsager

Sir E. Whittaker

A. K. Timiryazev

What is a Cooper Pair really? What causes conductivity in metals? How can we obtain superconductivity at room temperature? Why is helium a superfluid? About that please read new article "Aethereal Electron"

A.L. Chizhevski

Nikolai Kozyrev

Edwin Salpeter

H. Casimir

A.E. Ringwood

Fritz Zwicky

Is the atom empty of matter? Why are transparent substances transparent? Does the electron move in an atom in an orbit? Is superlight velocity possible in cable? Is it possible to calculate the characteristics of Mendeleev's Table? For more on these items, please read the new article "Aethereal Atom".

Otto Österle

Halton Arp

Fr. Winterberg

Th. Landscheidt

Stefan Marinov

Harold Aspden

How much pressure does the ether exert? How can we see live stars? Is it possible to move faster than light? What are ethereal phonons and a phonon jet engine? Read a new article "Fast Gravitation"

Nikolay Noskov

Milan Pavlovic

F.F. Gorbatsevich

E. V. Dmitriev

A. A. Potapov

Vlad. Antonov

What is the temperature of the ether? What is an ethereal domen? How can we change the velocity of light? What is the energy density inside ether? Are fundamental constants of physics really fundamental? Read a new article "Aethereal Thermodynamics"

Ronald Hatch

Valeri Petrov

M. Lavrentiev

P.D. Preussov

Ravil Aydarov

Dr. Atsukovki

Is the Newtonian Gravitation Constant changing? Is it possible to see shock waves in ether? Does Earth breathe? How do bodies attract one another? Can we have a new meaning for the Hubble Constant? Read a new article "Aethereal Breathing"

George Nikitin

Steven Rado

Tom van Flandern


Eit Gaastra

Eugene Podkletnov

Would you like to understand the real nature of the Fine Structure Constant? What are photons? How can electrons be created? Why do fast muons live long lives? Why do neutrons disintegrate? Read the new article "The New Lights"

Nikolai Kupriayev

R. Cahill

Prof. Evert

Kenneth Snelson

Johann Kern

Oleg Akimov

The new article "Gravitating Ether" gives an interpretion of the Nikitin Phenomenon, i.e., - deflections of a horizontally traveling light ray under the influence of vertically moving ether. Nikitin Phenomenon gives the bases of ethereal gravitation theory and explains the nature of de Broglie waves.

Duncan Shaw

R. R. Sharma

Y. Klushin

W. Robertson

Paul Kolen

L. Urutskoev

The new article "Eternal Universe" gives the results of processing 434 Type Ia supernovae, which show that if we were to reject relativistic adjustments, we will see that light is subject to exponential extinction over cosmological distances, and that the Hubble constant has a clear physical meaning of fading decrement, but not a Universal expansion velocity.

Connection between Z-scale and absolute (geological) time [109years]

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