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Johann KERN

Graduate engineer

Has finished physico-mechanical faculty of polytechnic institute in Leningrad. Engineer-physicist. At Soviet time an author of 34 scientific publications, 25 inventions (Soviet State patents). He began studies in the field of theoretical physics more than 10 years ago, by cause of concern about some nonsenses and weak motivations in physical textbooks.

  Johann KERN - the author of a new theory of atom structure


Proof of Existance of the Ether, Interrelation of Power of Nature and Scheme of Universe Architecture

On the base of notion of electron and protron in electrostatics in the manner of source and sewer, existance of generating electric flow (the ether) is proven and its characteristics are defined. Shown that interaction of the ether with electrons and protrons brings the power of Nature. Brought the scheme of Universe architecture and equivalent of Universum formula.

Causal Interpretation of Gases Raidation Spectrum

On the basis of other suggestions, than in due course Reserford has done, the model of atom is built, which in comparison with Nils Bohr's model and the following its modifications much more corresponds to reality. Shown that so-called "spectrums of atoms" are actually radiated by ansambles of atoms, gathering around ions. The Portions of radiation (the quantums) are defined not by the atom construction, but spatial structure of atom groups.

Demonstrative Modeling of Chemical Characteristics of Atoms and Molecules

Schematic presented earlier a new model of atom are developing further. Appears that elementary particles are necessary to present in form of rings, rather then as in form of balls as usually. In this case many characteristics of atoms can be easy prototyped, and that which presently practically unexplained. The notion of valence of chemical elements are explained more graphically.

About Physical Motivation of Some Ideas in Physics and Cosmology

Einstein's mistake occured in Special Theory of Relativity and unpossibility of Big Bang is shown in article. Motivation of independence physical processes from imaginative notions and necesarity of consideration of full logical chain of physical process in cosmology and physics are given.

About Possible Way of Origins of Power of Nature and Their Relationships Between Itself

The power corresponding to electromagnetic, nuclear and gravity forces are prototyped in this article. At modeling of nuclear forces it is clear that it can appear only under direct contact of protrons between itself. There are conditions of very small radius of nuclear forces action. The Attitude of "electric" and "gravitational" forces turns out to be hanging from gravitons radius. All forces of Nature have the general base.

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