Flying saucers from the scientific point of view

By Nikolai Noskov
Translated from the original Russian by Yury SARYCHEV
English text edited by Christopher Bjerknes

Pamphlets concerning UFO's and dozens of clippings from every conceivable newspaper replete with communications from, and evidence of UFO's, contact with the "humanoids", wrecked "flying saucers"; and regarding research into the remains of aliens in the USA; lie before me on my desk. UFO's have been discussed in the United Nations. Serious scientists in several countries have devoted a large portion of their lives to analyzing the various aspects of this question.

Within Russia and the nations of the UIS, the questions presented by UFO's have been studied for some 50 years. Research scientist Yury Fomin has written, "The number of sightings of UFO's increases each year. There have already been hundreds of thousands of reports of UFO's. Diverse messages are received on every continent. At the conclusion of the fiftieth year, it is apparent that there is a contradiction between the facts regarding UFO sightings and their incompatibility with our present understanding of physical phenomena... We have probably plunged head-first into new qualitative categories, which cannot be reconciled with our current beliefs, with our present world view... It is impossible for a person to understand the operating principle of an electric motor, unless he or she has a basic knowledge of electromagnetism".

This last phrase aptly demonstrates why the many attempts at exposing the underlying principles of the phenomenon of UFO's have all failed. The phrase symbolizes the extent to which modern researchers have abandoned practical materialistic philosophy, and have instead deluded themselves with the mathematical formalism of relativistic physics to so great a degree that they are unable to reach logical conclusions, for they have isolated themselves from the reality of the physical processes involved. These researchers have surrounded themselves with a formalistic fog, which blinds them to the subject of their research.

First of all, since the goal of science is to find the "one among the many," as Plato wrote, or the identities between diverse phenomena which comprise the categories of qualitative analysis, it is poor method to devise new and purely abstract ad hoc qualitative categories simply to explain the properties and behavior of UFO's, especially since said properties and behaviors are easily described through the most general principles of empirical method, as opposed to formalistic fantasy. The facts are readily explainable by means of our present knowledge. However, our view of reality is obstructed by the many ad hoc hypotheses, the jargon and the false concepts of relativistic physics.

Secondly, though Fomin boasted that he and other modern physicists fully understand the operating principle of an electric motor, in that they have a fundamental knowledge of electromagnetism, nothing could be further from the truth. Our knowledge of electromagnetism is restricted to a certain set of empirical formulas and rules, such as the right-hand and left-hand rules for conductors and charges moving through a cross-section of magnetic flux, etc. Certainly, that is not the operating principle of an electric motor.

And thirdly, it is easy to explain any phenomenon, especially from the perspective of relativistic physics, since, according to Feynman, with "anything" it is possible to explain "everything". He, unfortunately, widely employed this method, having left us a world-wide legacy of a "noting" school of elementary particle physics, by which method it is safe to assume that the humanoids have learned to "penetrate space-time" and arrive here from the 12th-dimension (!?) by means of anti-gravitation (!?) or some such thing. On our planet, we have a number of physicists, who develop theories of 12-dimensional spaces, superstrings and other such "miracles". However, should they attempt to prove the existence of dimensions beyond the third, they will not, and can not, succeed, since science and pure fantasy are incompatible.

Science is the method of establishing the connections between the phenomena of the material world and its causes and corollaries. It is the discovery of the laws of Nature through logical inference and deduction based on the fullest set of observations, facts and experiments currently available to the scientist. It is not knowledge known a priori. There must be substantial proof of the failure of an established category and the necessity of a new category, before it is reasonable to posit a new categorical invariant, in the same class as space, time or mass. The misbegotten introduction of a new invariant velocity of light, c, has led physicists to act on faith and resulted in a vulgar mathematical formalism.

In previously published articles ("Science of Kazakhstan", #56, 65, 73) I argued against the internal inconsistencies of relativistic physics, which violate formal method in both electrodynamics and quantum mechanics. Returning to classical mechanics with its invariants and causality, allows me to form a hypothesis regarding the mechanism of a UFO. This hypothesis fully describes the "fantastic" properties of the phenomenon, but does not resort to pseudo-scientific fantasies; and the hypothesis can be tested by means of experiment.

James Clerk Maxwell set forth a set of equations for the jet engine of a "flying saucer" ca. 1861...1862. In fact, he modeled motions and tensions in the ether in order to describe electromagnetic phenomena. It is certain that he did not have "flying saucers" in mind. These equations attained their modern form in the hands of J. J. Thomson, H. Hertz, O. Heaviside and H. A. Lorentz. No one, however, realized the efficacy of an "ethereal scaffold", until now.

The electrodynamic equations of Maxwell and Hertz implicitly contain the equations of a jet engine, with the ether's serving as a propulsive agent. This engine can be roughly understood in the following way, having simulated a vortex in the form of a magnetic field, existing in proximity to a conductor carrying current, it is possible to eventually obtain an efflux of ether along its axis. The development of an efflux of ether will take place in various phases and result in rather interesting phenomena, as follows:

If the ether is defined as the medium for light waves and the seat of electrical and magnetic phenomena, we can readily explain the first three points. As to the fourth point, here we must address the phenomenon of inertial motion, i.e. Galilean relativity.

Inertia is an interaction between bodies and the ether. Should the ether ahead of a moving body become rarefied (as in this case, where the ethereal jet engine takes in the ether in its direction of motion), the force of inertia will be considerably reduced, permitting the body to accelerate rapidly, without becoming overloaded, and without consuming a great deal of energy.

The engineering of such a vehicle will be different from what we are accustomed to seeing in "modern" vehicles. The only moving part is a thin metal sheet rolled into the form of a cylinder and composed of rare earth elements (forming a strong permanent ring-shaped magnet). It can rotate without coming into contract with any other parts (on magnetically lubricated bearings). Theoretically, it is possible to instigate the rotation of a magnetic cylinder by passing a current through its axis...

Having no notion of the method of operation of an ethereal engine, our earthly mechanic, upon examining one, will be nonplussed. There is no burner, nor nozzles, nor transmission gears... Incidentally, a disk-shape is the most efficient form for an ethereal jet engine. The rotation of a magnetic cylinder creates a vacuum of ether fore, and a pressure aft, which pressure differential impels the vehicle forward. Light waves and other electromagnetic radiation emitted from the machine disappear in the rarefied ether. Rarefied ether is a poor conductor of electromagnetic oscillations, just as rarefied air is a poor conductor for sound. Therefore, the vehicle cannot be seen as it approaches...

The nervous systems of human beings and of animals are conductors of electrical signals, which connect all the living cells of an organism. The human brain is a very complex computer, in which electromagnetic phenomena also take place. It is not surprising that aliens must, of necessity, dress in protective garb, which clothing shields them from the powerful and destructive electrical and magnetic fields. The aliens, who are aware of the disastrous effects of electrical fields on living organisms, avoid close landings and flyovers in close proximity to highly populated regions. In order to minimize the risks to living organisms, they land only at night.

A "flying saucer" can potentially be of any size, from a small arm firing a projectile by means of an electrical field, through a backpack propulsion device for personal mobility in the atmosphere, up to a full-sized spacecraft. The hi-tech nature of the technology of the magnetic cylinder and control circuitry belies the utter simplicity of the mechanism. The magnetic cylinder should be constructed of high-strength magnetic material of uniform thickness, which achieves the Curie point at a high temperature.

By virtue of the recorded data from astronomical observation and the results of astrogeological surveys, we have reason to believe that the Galaxy evolves outward from the center (germ) of mass, expanding step-by-step out to the periphery, initially throwing out space dust, which dust then forms into stars. These new stars repel the space dust, which then forms into new stars... and this process repeats itself in each new layer forming in the cycle during which the stars are approximately the size of our Sun.

Each star, spewing "superfluous" mass into space, concurrently forms its own planetary system. The creation, evolution and existence of planetary systems occurs with strict physical regularity, and those systems which are nearer the periphery of a Galaxy, are the more recently developed systems.

Stars, of necessity, form planetary systems. Since we are on the periphery of a Galaxy, it follows that our Solar System is one of the youngest. The elementary composition, as well as the size of planets in a planetary system, obey Maxwell's distribution of energies of ejected matter by a central star and the fundamental laws of quantum gravitation. As a result, if the elementary structure of two stars is similar, then their planetary systems should likewise be similar. Given this identity, it is likely that the second, third or fourth planet of each star is populated with a living and aware creature like man. Mankind evolves under certain general laws. If we assume that the neighboring layer of stars arranged toward the center of a Galaxy evolved millions of years before those further from center, then it is safe to assume that some civilizations are older than ours.

Given the frequency and variety of UFO visitations on the Earth, we may conclude that they reach us from several layers of stars in the vicinity of our solar system. To them, our civilization must seem not only socially primitive, but technologically primitive, as well. Their expeditions are probably made for utilitarian reasons: to explore the vast array of living forms, to view the past, to catalog another civilization, to make an intermediate landing, etc. I would guess that we are fascinated by them, because our science and technology have been surpassed by a trivial physical phenomenon, which forms the basis for the mechanism of a flying saucer, while we excel only in internal combustion engines, rockets burning solid and liquid fuel, atomic energy...


This article was previously published in:

"Science of Kazakhstan", 1 (99), August 1...15, 1997.


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