Beginnings of new natural philosophy

Nikolay NOSKOV
Translated from Russian by Jury SARYCHEV

According to positions advanced during analysis of a status of physics in the articles, published in newspaper "Science of Kazakhstan" and in Electronic library fund «Nauka i Tekhnica» («"Brilliance and poverty" of quantum mechanics», «Gauss, Weber, Gerber and others...», «The general principle of relativity does not exist», «Statics and dynamics of interactions», «Centenary ethereal war», «Light, photons, velosity of light, ether and others of "banality"», «The theories of mechanisms of interaction and hypothesis about their synthesis», «Stability of a solar system», «The phenomenon of delay of potential»);
having results of researches: phenomenon of delay of a potential (dynamics of interactions); discovery of new regularity – longitudinal vibrations of moving bodies as a result of non-uniformity of delay of a potential; allocation of inertia in the special form of interaction;
being grounded on "The mathematical beginnings of natural philosophy" of a Newton, we suppose, that the beginnings of new physics can be set up as follows:

  1. The general relativity does not exist.
  2. The relativity of the Galilei is expression of interaction of inertia and can be used for gravitation only at velocity of bodies considerably smaller of velocity of interaction (v << U). Quite probably, the law of inertia for high velocities has another form (that requires researches).
  3. STR and GTR are fiction, fallacy of the researchers as a result of violation of the laws of logic and principles of development of physics, such, for example, as causality, cognizableness etc.

Beginning of new physics consist from:

  1. Initial categories – invariants as mass, space, time and category-notions of properties of matter, such as motion (velocity, acceleration), energy, impulse. We define mass (we feel) by means of its properties: extent, impermeability, inertness, hardness, elasticity, pressure etc. We feel space through distribution and motion of a matter in it. We define time through change and replacing of processes and events. All these building-blocks of the nature exist irrespective of our consciousness, from one another, "are irrespective to any external things" (Newton), are fundamental in all natural phenomena and equivalently are present at all its laws.
  2. Graviostatics of Newton's law of universal gravitation determining force of mutual attraction of fixed bodies on a line their connecting. As the systems the Sun – planet and Earth – moon in this sense practically are immovable relatively one another, the law of graviostatics is fulfilled for them with sufficient accuracy for practice. The greatest motion of Mercury concerning the Sun on speed and value of deflexion from a circle results in noticeable "abnormal" displacement of its perihelion (42" for one century).
  3. Laws of dynamics of inertia. Inertia is special kind of interaction of matter (mass) with ether, equivalent of gravitational, electromagnetic and nuclear. All kinds of mathematical formalism of dynamics of inertia written on the basis of conservation laws (Lagrange, Hamilton, Jacobi, Ostrogradskii) and principle of least action (Mopertui, Euler, Lagrange), and also powerless mechanics of Hertz, have not introduced anything new in dynamics of Galilei – Newton – Euler.
  4. Graviodynamics (law of delayed potential) of Gerber, which one establishes relation of force of interaction of bodies and value of a delayed potential upon a relative velocity of bodies on a line by their connecting, and also establishes value of a radiated power of gravity waves upon acceleration. The law of Gerber explains "abnormal" displacement of perihelia of planets.
  5. Phenomenon of longitudinal vibrations of moving bodies, arising due to non-uniformity of a delayed potential. Length of oscillations is directly proportional to phase velocities of bodies and is inversely proportional to force of their interaction and distance between them:

λ = HVph / R · F(R), where:


H – coefficient of proportionality;
Vph – phase velocity;
R – distance between bodies;
F(R) – law of interaction (for gravitation is Newton's law).

After transformation the formula (1) becomes:

Еmov. = Нν, where:


Emov. – energy of moving body;
ν – frequency of longitudinal vibrations.

As the energy of moving body can be expressed by a phase velocity:

Emov. = mVph22 / 2, where:


m – mass of a body;
Vph – phase velocity;
f = Vlin.max / Vph – ratio of linear maximum velocity to phase, dependent upon the law of delay of a potential;

then length of longitudinal vibrations can be expressed in the new form:

λ = 2H / mVph 2,


That is modification of a de Broglie formula.

In the nature there is no smooth Newtonian motion of bodies

The resonance of longitudinal and cyclical vibrations stipulates stability of orbits at motion of bodies in a field of central forces (at motion of electrons around of a nucleus in atom for an electromagnetic interaction and at motion of planets around of a central body for gravitation). Moreover, the coefficient of proportionality H for motion of electrons (electromagnetic interaction) is "Planck's constants". The oscillation frequency of an electron at "jump" from one orbit on other depends on velocity of its motion and is equal to frequency of radiation of photons.

Thus, new physics by a natural manner includes wave quantum mechanics for all interactions.

The new mechanics reasonably explains so-called "a defect of mass", i.e. difference of energies of motion of a body and may be expressed by the formula:

ΔЕ = Нν1Нν2


New physics restores concept of the filling all world space ether as powerful thin matter being lightcarrying electromagnetic medium (light is a portion of the spectrum of electromagnetic waves of oscillations of ether).

A motion of ether is reason of all interactions

Disintegration of a matter and efflux of ether from it is a reason of a partial dragging of ether by bodies. In outcome each body has an ethereal lens and gradient of pressure of ether. It decreases velocity of light at approach and augments it at removal from bodies. The dragging of ether on a surface of large bodies (such as the Earth) approaches nearer to 100%, that results in practical absence of effect of motion of bodies on optical phenomena (experiments Arago and Michelson).

New physics restores a causality, determinism and force of the logical laws (common sense). All visible known phenomena and facts of the nature, including wave formation, vortexes, sound, light, steady orbital motions etc., can be reasonably explained within the framework of a new mechanics.


Знаете ли Вы, что, как и всякая идолопоклонническая религия, релятивизм ложен в своей основе. Он противоречит фактам. Среди них такие:

1. Электромагнитная волна (в религиозной терминологии релятивизма - "свет") имеет строго постоянную скорость 300 тыс.км/с, абсурдно не отсчитываемую ни от чего. Реально ЭМ-волны имеют разную скорость в веществе (например, ~200 тыс км/с в стекле и ~3 млн. км/с в поверхностных слоях металлов, разную скорость в эфире (см. статью "Температура эфира и красные смещения"), разную скорость для разных частот (см. статью "О скорости ЭМ-волн")

2. В релятивизме "свет" есть мифическое явление само по себе, а не физическая волна, являющаяся волнением определенной физической среды. Релятивистский "свет" - это волнение ничего в ничем. У него нет среды-носителя колебаний.

3. В релятивизме возможны манипуляции со временем (замедление), поэтому там нарушаются основополагающие для любой науки принцип причинности и принцип строгой логичности. В релятивизме при скорости света время останавливается (поэтому в нем абсурдно говорить о частоте фотона). В релятивизме возможны такие насилия над разумом, как утверждение о взаимном превышении возраста близнецов, движущихся с субсветовой скоростью, и прочие издевательства над логикой, присущие любой религии.

4. В гравитационном релятивизме (ОТО) вопреки наблюдаемым фактам утверждается об угловом отклонении ЭМ-волн в пустом пространстве под действием гравитации. Однако астрономам известно, что свет от затменных двойных звезд не подвержен такому отклонению, а те "подтверждающие теорию Эйнштейна факты", которые якобы наблюдались А. Эддингтоном в 1919 году в отношении Солнца, являются фальсификацией. Подробнее читайте в FAQ по эфирной физике.


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